Sunday, October 15, 2006

WQIDC -- Staying in touch: The Game Plan

Welcome to the blog of the West Queens Independent Democratic Club, located in western Queens County, New York City. Because this is a fast changing world and the need to communicate and minimize email is essential, we are experimenting with WQIDC blog, as opposed to our more time intensive WQIDC website. That said, we are looking for more team members to moderate and post main topics. You must be a member of West Queens Independent Democratic Club and either have or are willing to have a Blogger identity. To discuss volunteering, send an email to WQIDC at WQIDC dot org, subject "Blog Volunteering" -- or see Kate Anne.

To suggest a possible topic of action or discussion, send an email to WQIDC at WQIDC dot org, subject "Blog Topic Action" or "Blog Topic Discussion". To suggest possible links, write us, subject "Blog Link Idea".

Respectful and on-topic comments, added at the bottom of a post, are encouraged and appreciated. Reminder: this blog is moderated and inappropriate or flaming comments will be deleted. If you see such comment posted before us, feel free to write WQIDC at WQIDC dot org, subject "Blog Questionable Comment" -- or seeing/calling Kate Anne.

We may do some open thread postings, too, as this develops. This is all experimental and at a busy time. We shall see what transpires. In the meantime, please do what you can for spreading progressive Democratic ideals and supporting candidates with same, financially or with gifts of time. Are we going to talk about it or are we going to act? We are going to try to do both: talk AND act. Join in - join us.


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