Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fukushima on the Hudson: Indian Point - Thursday Meeting Info

(The Only Safe Nuclear Reactor is 93,000,000 Miles Away)

June 23rd, 2011, Thursday
7:00 PM

All Saints' Episcopal Church
43-12 46 St. - Sunnyside

Directions:  #7 local train to 46 Street/Bliss Street -
Walk 1/2 block North to Church

You will learn about the Indian Point nuclear power plant.
on the Hudson River a few miles North of New York City
  • the health effects, especially cancer, of both an accident and the daily routine releases of radiation
  • the near-by earthquake faults and what they might do to the plant
  • the vulnerability of the plant to terrorists
  • the connection between nuclear power and climate change
  • evacuation plans (I like the new definition I heard at the June 2 NRC hearing: "Permanent Re-location)
  • environmental justice issues from mining to radioactive releases
  • the horrible economics of nuclear power, both in terms of insurance and financing
  • what thermal pollution is and how much water Indian Point uses
  • other electricity sources that are available now

Ken Gale, author of Chernobyl-on-the-Hudson and host & producer of Eco-Logic, one of WBAI-FM's two environmental shows

           Sunnyside Woodside Peace
           West Queens Greens
           West Queens Independent Democratic Club
           Veterans for Peace
           Shut Down Indian Point Now

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