Sunday, October 15, 2006

Contribute to Progressive Democratic Candidates

Clicking on the title link will take you to a list of progressive Democratic candidates suggested by Air America Radio's Laura Flanders' bloggers. You can donate via credit card to any of these. Other good candidates to donate to are independent candidate for Senate from Vermont, Bernie Sanders (who also won the Democratic line) and WQIDC favorite Lois Murphy, from Pennsylvania's 6th congressional district. Until we have Clean Money - Clean Elections: campaign finance reform, raising money is essential to all candidates. Please consider donating.

We are open to candidate suggestions from WQIDC members and friends. And if you can't give money, give time. Contact Citizen Action of NYC's Fred Wright -- 212-523-0180 (ext. 44) -- and volunteer to make some calls for some good candidates, whom Citizen Action has identified. Time and/or money will make a big and needed difference. This election is so important. Please do what you can to return our country back to America of "We, the People" instead of this current regime of corrupt crony capitalism. (Stay tuned for more info on Robert Greenwald's new DVD, Iraq for Sale, on war profiteering.) Donate and, if you have some other good candidates in mind, suggest them below - and thanks.


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