Tuesday, November 06, 2012

VOTE Today 6 am - 9 pm + Volunteer Info

The New York State polls are open today from 6 AM to 9 PM. You must be allowed to vote if you are in line at 9 PM.

Confirm where to vote. Get your polling place through the Obama campaign here or NYC folks can go here for both polling place and a sample ballot display. For personalized voter information, check out the League of Women Voter's Vote411.org site. (This should work for our non-NY friends too.) If you are in an area affected by Hurricane Sandy, check out this NYC emergency voting place info or call 866-VOTE-NYC / 866-868-3692, TTY 212-487-5496. To send a more progressive message vote on ROW D, the Working Families Party line, as long as your candidate of choice is there. NYS allows fusion voting and these votes will tally with those on the Democratic Party line.

VOLUNTEER. If you have time today to help with the get out the vote campaign for President Obama, consider going to the Long Island City campaign office at 41-07 Crescent Street, the northern side of Queensboro Plaza, across from the parking lot. Bring cell phone and charger (though they have some cell phones there). You might be able to reach the campaign directly at 917 806 4580 to check to see if they need help. They will be there until 9 pm.

OR you can make calls from home via call.barackobama.com

Most of all VOTE and REMIND your like-minded friends to VOTE, especially if they are in swing states. Urge everyone to be prepared to wait in line if necessary.


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