Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Brad Blog Reports on DNC Still Hoping for 6 More

We may not get the full six, but Brad Freeman quotes a DNC source at BradBlog.com that the DNC still hopes to gain perhaps three of these US Congressional races still in contention:

Just off the phone from a DNC insider — in very much a position to know — who says the following races are being considered, as of this afternoon, to still be very much in play by the DNC (* = Incumbent, Results shown latest reported by state websites as available):

NC-8 Larry Kissel (D) 60,016 / Robin Hayes (R)* 60,481
CT-2 Joe Courtney (D) 121,321 / Rob Simmons (R)* 121,151
FL-13 Christine Jennings (D) 118,739 / Vern Buchanan (R) 119,116
NM-1 Patricia A. Madrid (D) 103,376 / Heather Wilson (R)* 104,863
OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy (D) 98,100 / Deborah Pryce (R)* 101,636
OH-2 Victoria Wulson (D) 112,952 / Jean Schmidt (R)* 115,817

The source believes that all of the above races, each of them currently very very close are winnable and the feeling is that they "could easily win three of those six."

Check out Brad's post for more fascinating details -- and read his blog for specifics on the Christine Jennings race, where there is a high rate of undervotes (13%) and people reporting their votes for Christine did NOT appear on the final electronic voting machine screen. (This is the seat which Katherine Harris just vacated to run for Senate -- she lost.)


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