Friday, April 13, 2007

MoveOn Presidential Candidate Town Hall on Iraq

If you haven't already heard it, check out's Presidential candidates' Town Hall on Iraq. You can download the podcast or a transcript at

What do YOU think?? A number of WQIDC members are now joining me (Kate) in supporting John Edwards, but our original straw poll had most "undecided" with some support for Edwards, Clinton, Obama and Kucinich -- and some people citing two candidates. WQIDC members are invited to vote/make your comments below, preferablly after you review the Town Hall. You shouldn't have to create a Blogger/Google profile, just read and type the code -- AND please leave some sort of name defining yourself if you choose to vote and or leave a comment. Inappropriate or way of topic comments can and will be deleted. BUT we'd love to know how our members are currently viewing the Democratic presidential candidates.

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