Sunday, April 02, 2017

WQIDC looking to reactivate

We'd be interested in your thoughts about having regular meetings again. Please let us know of your interest. A poll is being sent out from the old list serve. You can also

  1. reply to this post below, 
  2. write to or 
  3. send a note to our snail mail box:

PO Box 4252
Sunnyside NY 11104-0252

Dorothy Morehead is heading up this effort. Yay, Dorothy!

Hope we hear from some old members and potential new members.

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Sunday, March 03, 2013

St. Pat's for All

Come on over to Skillman Avenue and show support for the

Queen's 14th annual St. Patrick's Parade

Sunday, March 3
47th and Skillman to 58th and Woodside Ave.
Kickoff 2 pm

We do not have an official contingent this year but a number of us will be around.

Marchers start gathering at 12:30 pm so there will be plenty of folks to talk to.

(And a number of us plan to attend a fundraiser for our Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer from 4-6 pm. With that 6-1 match, a small donation to Jimmy adds up! Dorothy or Kate can tell you more.)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

VOTE Today 6 am - 9 pm + Volunteer Info

The New York State polls are open today from 6 AM to 9 PM. You must be allowed to vote if you are in line at 9 PM.

Confirm where to vote. Get your polling place through the Obama campaign here or NYC folks can go here for both polling place and a sample ballot display. For personalized voter information, check out the League of Women Voter's site. (This should work for our non-NY friends too.) If you are in an area affected by Hurricane Sandy, check out this NYC emergency voting place info or call 866-VOTE-NYC / 866-868-3692, TTY 212-487-5496. To send a more progressive message vote on ROW D, the Working Families Party line, as long as your candidate of choice is there. NYS allows fusion voting and these votes will tally with those on the Democratic Party line.

VOLUNTEER. If you have time today to help with the get out the vote campaign for President Obama, consider going to the Long Island City campaign office at 41-07 Crescent Street, the northern side of Queensboro Plaza, across from the parking lot. Bring cell phone and charger (though they have some cell phones there). You might be able to reach the campaign directly at 917 806 4580 to check to see if they need help. They will be there until 9 pm.

OR you can make calls from home via

Most of all VOTE and REMIND your like-minded friends to VOTE, especially if they are in swing states. Urge everyone to be prepared to wait in line if necessary.


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nichols and McChesney on Citizens United

WATCH. VOTE. WORK on this issue so that WE the People have a voice and that "NO ONE has the right to a speech that shouts down other citizens." Get the money out of politics and let REAL people speak.

From Laura Flanders:

The Supreme Court's "Citizens United" court case has made a bad situation worse by allowing corporations to inject even more money into our political process. John Nichols and Bob McChesney explain how we can begin to take back our democracy from the monied interests that currently monopolize power.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Michelle Obama at the DNC

For those who missed Michelle Obama's great speech at the Democratic National Convention -- or who wish to relive it:

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

View the DNC Progressively

Free Speech TV is livestreaming at the Democratic National Convention.

Democracy for America is one host:

Or via the FSTV1 channel at --

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fukushima on the Hudson: Indian Point - Thursday Meeting Info

(The Only Safe Nuclear Reactor is 93,000,000 Miles Away)

June 23rd, 2011, Thursday
7:00 PM

All Saints' Episcopal Church
43-12 46 St. - Sunnyside

Directions:  #7 local train to 46 Street/Bliss Street -
Walk 1/2 block North to Church

You will learn about the Indian Point nuclear power plant.
on the Hudson River a few miles North of New York City
  • the health effects, especially cancer, of both an accident and the daily routine releases of radiation
  • the near-by earthquake faults and what they might do to the plant
  • the vulnerability of the plant to terrorists
  • the connection between nuclear power and climate change
  • evacuation plans (I like the new definition I heard at the June 2 NRC hearing: "Permanent Re-location)
  • environmental justice issues from mining to radioactive releases
  • the horrible economics of nuclear power, both in terms of insurance and financing
  • what thermal pollution is and how much water Indian Point uses
  • other electricity sources that are available now

Ken Gale, author of Chernobyl-on-the-Hudson and host & producer of Eco-Logic, one of WBAI-FM's two environmental shows

           Sunnyside Woodside Peace
           West Queens Greens
           West Queens Independent Democratic Club
           Veterans for Peace
           Shut Down Indian Point Now

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